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Prices may increase due to devaluation of PKR and supply chain disturbance due to Covid-19 and stock may vary as well however we will confirm the current price on order confirmation call

Delivery And Payment Information

Delivery Timelines

all orders are delivered between 1-3 working days after shipping accept delivery failed order or the order whos status is not normal.

Cash on Delivery


“Cash on Delivery” A convenient and hassle free way of shopping all over the Pakistan and very famous.

When purchasing products via our website, a checkout option that is available to existing and first time customers is our “Cash on Delivery” payment option. By using this service, you can order products from our website and pay for your order by cash to a delivery agent; this is effectively a door to door service. This feature enables you to shop at conveniently and hassle free guaranteed!

How does it work?

When you make a purchase using the “Cash on Delivery” option, your order will be booked into our internal order systems. However, before we process your order for delivery, a member of our customer service team will call you to confirm your order, and to check all of your delivery details before your order is dispatched. You can then pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. 

on advance payment shipping is free for orders all over Pakistan. However, charges will apply for Cash on Delivery payment options and services. 

Bank Transfer/Nation Payment Methods

You can transfer your total payment to our bank account and have express shipping (1-3 Days Delivery ) free.

for bank transfer please send your funds to any of our account you suit but if you can  please give priority to our UBL account.


Account # 0586-222652294

Account Title:Usama Akram

Bank:Faysal Bank

Account # 0264-0070000509 

Account Title:Usama Akram


Account # 50607901676503 

Account Title:Usama Akram

Easy Paisa Please Call 


Account Title : Muhammad Akram 

U Paisa

Account #:3322507103

Account Title: Usama Akram

Mobi Cash

Account #:0307-7911201

Account Title Usama Akram

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